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The first step in dealing with toxicity is to stop the exposure. This is not always as easy as it seems. Certainly, if you are drinking water that is contaminated with mercury, arsenic, or lead—you should stop—and this is easily identifiable. We look to the local environment surrounding a patient to get clues as to what might be those external sources. If you live downwind from a manufacturing facility, maybe we need to look at what materials that facility is putting into the environment. Internal sources of toxicity are harder to identify. There may be a hidden overgrowth of yeast or fermenting bacteria in the intestine that is creating problems. There may also be hidden infections in the dental roots or in the sinuses. Finally, there are any number of environmental compounds that can set off a toxicity reaction. 

There are numerous toxins we are all exposed to each day. We understand that they cannot be completely avoided, but there are some steps you can take to become aware of them and try to minimize or reduce them. Many household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, etc. are very toxic and should be removed from your house wherever possible. Use organic/nontoxic cleaning products that do not contain ammonia or chlorine. Brands such as Planet, Ecover, Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly and/or EcoFriendly are available at most stores. Stay away from VOC paint (Home Depot carries a no VOC brand). Do not install new carpeting or padding. Use stainless steel and/or glass to cook foods in. Throw away the Teflon pans! Never heat up plastic in the microwave with food or drinks in them (it leaches into food). Don’t cook on or with aluminum foil—use parchment paper. Consider installing a water filter for your home. If not possible, you can obtain an inexpensive filter for your kitchen sink and tub at a very reasonable cost. Use that water source for cooking, drinking, and bathing. If you need dental work, never use “silver” fillings, as they contain mercury. Avoid flu vaccines that contain mercury and aluminum. Use fluoride free toothpaste. Fluoride is a potent neuro-toxin. Natural toothpastes will do an effective job at preventing tooth decay without being poisonous. Avoid antiperspirants and cookware containing aluminum.

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More than 87,000 chemicals are in use in the United States with more than 3,000 chemicals added to our food supply—over 10,000 chemicals in the form of solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives are used in food processing, packaging, wrapping and storage. EPA studies of human fat biopsies have found styrene residue in 100% of people. Indeed, according to the EPA, our bodies accumulate 210 mcg of just plasticizers (phthalates) everyday. Others have demonstrated that most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of out bodies. The problem is excretion. Most of these potentially harmful chemicals just sit there and cannot be metabolized.

Our eliminative channels can become blocked or dysfunctional—because in conjunction with these synthetic chemical toxins in our environment, the western diet is acid forming and devitalized of nutrients. In an attempt to detoxify substances such as these, our bowels, kidneys, liver and immune systems are being overloaded. Toxins can also be generated by the bacteria/yeast/parasites that live on or in our bodies. The process of detox is simply anything that removes those toxins. Symptoms of toxicity can be varied and may include: poor circulation, swelling, headaches, migraines, stress, anxiety, depression, allergies, poor skin, yeast, arthritis, fatigue, constipation, obesity, cellulite, sinus issues, gout, digestive disorders, cold/respiratory disorders, insomnia, bloating, and gas.

The ultimate benefit and very purpose of detoxification is to release the incredible power of our immune system! Every day our immune system defends us from pollution and foreign invaders, including our own cells when they mutate into cancer causing cells. Only our immune systems can repair, heal, and cure us of illness and disease. Look in any medical textbook or ask any doctor and they will tell you that any illness that goes away as a result of a prescribed course of treatment or procedures is also destined to return when the treatment does not include paying attention to the important role of the immune system. If a patient is not taught to acknowledge the importance of changing their lifestyle to better support their immune system, as part of their long term recovery plan, the old disease or some other new one is almost always certain to re-manifest.


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BIO ENERGY DETOX CENTER in Ann Arbor, MI is a full holistic medical spa. Our digestive care, detoxification therapies, and colonic hydrotherapy, focuses on whole body health and emotional wellness!  Cleanse, Release, Relax, AND RENEW!!